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Nv Environmental is a highly qualified Industrial Hygiene company that offers detailed mold inspections, with moisture meter analysis. Ian Shapiro, Industrial Hygienist, offers more than a decade of professional experience in mold related inspections, specializing in Real Estate transactions. He has consulted on thousands of individual mold inspections, with experience ranging from studio apartments to some of the largest private residences in Southern California.

We take pride in offering a detailed mold inspection that will leave you and your clients feeling comfortable, educated about the process, and satisfied with our service. We always offer a non-alarming approach regarding mold, the possible sources, and the potential concerns that might arise. We explain what samples might be necessary in order to give the best information possible regarding any concerns that might be present.

We take a common sense approach in identifying and explaining any concerns identified during our inspection. We specialize in differentiating between serious mold concerns that require professional remediation and the type of concerns that can be repaired by a general contractor. We specialize in not just finding the mold you can see, but also in finding the concerns you cannot.

Our preliminary mold inspection report offers a full detailed remediation protocol in order to help you and your clients address all concerns that might be present. We DO NOT perform remediation, so there is never a conflict of interest during our inspections or when establishing protocols.

We use a third party independent lab to conduct our sample analysis. This ensures that there is no conflict of interest between the sampling and the results. We do not perform mold remediation and will never force specific remediation companies upon our clients. This ensures there is no conflict of interest between our inspection and the protocol offered.

We also offer a post remediation clearance inspection, with samples. We ensure that the proper protocol is followed in order to get the results necessary to complete the project. Our post remediation clearance reports will confirm that the work conducted satisfies all parties involved.

Nv Environmental offers paperless reports that are e-mailed to you and your clients, upon completion.

Our goal is to make sure you and your clients have the best information available for a specific property each and every time.

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