Leslie S.

Mold Inspection

It’s hard to put in to words how grateful I am to Nv Environmental. After 2 years of health issues and a landlord that literally did not care I discovered mold in several areas of my home I was distraught, discouraged and not feeling well due to over 3 years of mold exposure without my knowledge.  I had called a “mold specialist” who came out and confirmed there was mold but he did limited testing and gave a very short “report” with no photos attached and it did nothing to help my case with my landlord who admitted he knew the mold was there but clearly stated he will do nothing about it.  I called Nv and literally on my FIRST CALL the person was insanely informative, talked to me for a good 20 minutes and he LISTENED to the details of my situation and immediately had Ian email me.  FINALLY SOMEONE ACTUALLY CARED!!! I initially was concerned about spending money on a 2nd inspection but Ian and the staff answered and emailed me with a plethora of info and never once pressured me about a payment for all their free advice thru emails and phone calls.  I just felt so Blessed by their generosity of info and authentic care for my health and i ended up finding the resources for the inspection which was SO affordable for what I received!!!  I was on a time deadline since I had to move out immediately on doctors orders and I needed proof of what was really happening to show my landlord.  Ian did a rush on the report and it was so detailed not only on the mold and air quality but pointed out several issues in my home that were unsafe.  He was professional and the verbage was easily understood by me and my lawyer who was representing me to stop the landlord from renting out my home to someone else without doing any remediation.  Nv Environmental went up and beyond and supported me thru a very difficult time of losing my home due to mold while my landlord had no care for my health or well being.  If you need to find out the truth about the air quality, mold levels and type, etc. in your home i guarantee you that Nv will do a thorough job that is backed up by genuine care, strong ethics and an affordable price!  THANK YOU Nv staff and Ian!! Blessings to you and your company for all the good work you do for people at a time that it is needed the most!!

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