Ron Shore & David Hitt

Mold Inspection Review by Ron Shore & David Hitt

Nv Environmental is the ONLY Mold Inspection company I call. Mold is a very sensitive issue for home buyers, and I always want to make sure that my clients are getting the best information. One thing I have always appreciated is that Ian Shapiro does not take an alarmist attitude in the inspection and reporting of moisture conditions. He and his inspectors are not the kind that find moisture where it doesn’t exist, so when they do find it I know it’s real and something to pay attention to. They recently uncovered problems that saved my clients from purchasing a home that had some very deep rooted water intrusion problems. The problems had already supposedly been fixed, but the way this hillside home was constructed there was no guarantee that there would ever be a complete fix to what was still a very active intrusion of moisture into the home. Thank you Nv Environmental for keeping my clients out of a situation that could have caused them years of unhappiness. 

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